We provide all manner of support to installers, operators and maintainers of electrical equipment.

Site Asset Inventory & Installation reports
A good starting point for most operators is to establish what equipment is installed and create, or at least update, the single-line diagram for the site. This can often be a tricky exercise requiring a degree of 'detective work' to track down part numbers, specifications and ratings. The scope usually includes switchgear, cables, protection devices, transformers and all types of load.

Specification and Selection of equipment
Where new equipment is to be installed, we can provide detailed technical specification documents to support purchasing and tendering processes based on the customer's requirements. A typical example could be a cable installation specification covering the requirements both from a cable selection point of view and also the installation aspects such as excavation, termination and testing.

Identification of routine maintenance requirements
Following identification of the range of equipment installed we can produce bespoke maintenance procedures (based primarily on the manufacturer's recommendations with additional items from the HSE Guidance) to your requirements in terms of format, document type etc. in order to ensure that you can keep the equipment fit for service. We are also happy to undertake maintenance contractor audit or supervision on behalf of the customer where required.

Factory Acceptance Testing & Installation 'Snagging'
A number of clients have asked us to liaise with suppliers in order to ensure that new equipment is suitable for either despatch to site ('Factory Acceptance Testing') or release for service ('Snagging'). This work usually consists of agreeing the requirements with the customer in advance in order to ensure the supplier delivers a product that meets the customer's requirements. Usually this will be equipment such as switchgear, capacitor banks, transformers or larger devices such as STATCOM units.

Power Quality Issue Investigation
Whether you have an issue with voltage 'sag', harmonics, flicker or spurious protection operation we can help. Using high speed data capturing equipment selected on a site-spcific basis we can capture the voltage deviation at the root of the problem and identify the likely causes. More importantly we can also suggest the likely scale of the solution and provide some suggestions for the rectification of the problem. As a company independant from any of the manufacturers of harmonic filters, reactive compensation or voltage control devices such as STATCOM units we can offer impartial advice as to the most cost-effective solutions and also provide a detailed specification to use as a basis for procurement of any required equipment.

If you want something that isn't specifically listed here, just get in touch - in the unlikely event that we cannot meet your requirement we should be able to suggest someone who can!



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