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Shaw Power provide electrical engineering services for all operators of electrical equipment and can help with a wide range of requirements from electrical system analysis to the installation and maintenance of new plant, both at high and low voltage levels.

Shaw Power specialise in:

  1. Practical support and Consultancy for LV & HV Equipment Operation & Maintenance
  2. Electricity at Work Regulation compliance suppport
  3. Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
  4. System Modelling including:
    • Loadflow
    • Fault Levels
    • Protection Co-ordination

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

In addition to the periodic fault level review, low and high voltage system operators are now facing the requirement to complete Arc Flash hazard analysis for electrical equipment. Shaw Power can help! Our software is capable of completing Arc Flash Hazard Analysis to IEEE Std. 1584 and enables some clear guidance to be given as to how to reduce the hazard categorisation where circumstances permit.

Our experience in the generation industry provides the capability to perform project management and technical support for high and low voltage electrical projects including cabling, transformers, protection and switchgear installation, refurbishments and refits.

Past projects includel projects such as the installation of new high voltage interconnector systems for a gas fuelled generation station, investigation into power quality issues at various locations, upgrade of new industrial 3.3kV air compressors and design review of several gas-fuelled CHP sites, both LV and HV.

We've also undertaken various projects to assist customers with Electricity at Work Regulation compliance. This includes items such as creating inventories of site equipment, documenting maintenance programmes, creating written instructions for safe operation of equipment, overseeing contractor works, supporting SAP switching activities, etc.

Fault Levels & Loadflow Analysis
Most high voltage equipment operators are now aware of the requirements to periodically review the possible impact of an electrical fault on their system but may be unsure how to proceed. With our electrical system modelling software (SKM Analysis' Power*Tools for Windows) we can construct models of the system to predict the conditions under which the equipment will be operating and assess the likelihood of damage. Loadflow analysis allows us to model the 'Watts' flowing in the system and also the 'VArs' in order to accurately define the reactive compensation (power factor correction) requirements.

Protection Analysis
Our software also permits the assessment of protection co-ordination for electrical systems with an important benefit over some of the other software available on the market. Our software allows us to manually create protection curves whereas other packages usually require that you select a provided library unit that comes with the software, often described as a generic device. The software we use also provides a library, but the feature to be able to model the curves mathematically within the software allows for obsolete or difficult-to-find units to be accurately modelled. This is easiest if the time / current curves are availabe, even if only in hard copy. However it is also possible to determine the characteristic using secondary injection techniques to define the unit's operation and hence model the device accurately.

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