Maintaining Switchgear & Electrical Apparatus

There is a wealth of useful information available to all operators of electrical equipment, be it basic electrical hand tools, low voltage electrical distribution equipment in inductrial, commercial or utility premises or high voltage equipment used for industrial or utility processes. This information is supplied by the Health and Safety Executive and is based on the Electricty at Work Regulations. The following documents are useful:

HSG85 - Electricity at Work - Safe Working Practises

HSG230 - Keeping Electrical Switchgear Safe

HSG107 - Maintaining Portable and Transportable Electrical Equipment

GS38 - Electrical Test Equipment for use by Electricians

In particular, the HSG230 provides clear guidance on the need for routine maintenance based both on the original equipment manufacturer's guidance and on accepted inductry practises. The requirements for HV switchgear in particular are well documented and clearly described. Sections for oil filled, SF6, vacuum and air blast switchgear are all present with particular requirements for each.

Should the operator be in any doubt, the following requirements are identified:

1. Routine, periodic inspection & maintenance of the switchgear and the surroundings

2. Periodic review for over-stressed switchgear through supply & system fault level analysis and protection assessments

3. Regular review of original equipment manufacturer updates, findings and recommendations

4. Keeping of relevant records




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